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Paddle boarding with your dog is the ultimate goal for paddle boarder and dog lovers, however, this can be a mind-boggling experience for your dog.

Thus, the paddle boarder must be prepared as much as possible when considering taking a furry friend on board.


  1. First and foremost, the paddle boarder needs to be ready, then the dog. Hence, the need to make sure you are a confident and competent Paddleboarder before even considering taking your dog out with you.
  2. Things as simple as wearing a life jacket or standing on the board can initiate fear if these experiences are new to him, hence the need to introduce your dog to the sport before getting on the water.
  3. For a much better experience, before you and your dog get out on the water, it is vital to ensure that he can swim and that he has mastered basic obedience commands like “sit”, "stay” and "down".
  4. Introduce your dog to the board on solid ground before entering the water. This can be placing the board in an area of the house where your dog is comfortable. This allows him to sniff it, look at it, and explore it on his terms. Also, It is important to make a few dry runs with the Dog over the Board before you get onto the water.
  5. As part of easing anxiety and getting your dog acquainted with the sport, have your dog stay onshore as you go out on the board. Wave to him, laugh and smile so he knows that it is fun and not scary.
  6. Hold the board still in shallow water and allow your dog to get on, you need to encourage him to step onto the board then sit and stay. Walk the dog through the shallow water and allow him to jump off if he wants.
  7. You can reward your dog with small treats throughout the process. This will help their training and educate them on when they are doing a good job.
  8. Whilst this is not a necessity, it is often important you tire out your dog just before you both get on board as with the exhaustion, they are more likely to sit calmly with you.

Now you are both ready to get on your board, here are a few tips on paddle boarding with your dog.

  1. It is a great idea to attach a loose lead to your dog especially for beginners as this helps to correct any of their movements.
  2. Begin with paddling on your knees for better balance, then stand up when you feel your dog has gotten comfortable on-board with him between or at your feet. One must get used to paddling without accidentally hitting the pup with a paddle.
  3. For better weight distribution and balance, Small dogs can sit on the nose of the board while larger ones can sit on the back third of the board.
  4. If your dog is in distress, don’t force them. Be as encouraging as possible for them to feel confident and comfortable.
  5. Be prepared for your dog to jump off at any time. The board will move a lot when a large dog jumps off, and when it happens you may fall in as well.
  6. Make sure that you’re only standing on the board when in deep enough water and away from any possible hazards like boats or people and if there is a lead attached to the dog, it should be placed directly under your feet.
  7. If your dog falls off the board, help him back on the board. This will help make sure he doesn’t scratch the board’s Finish trying to get back on. Life jackets will usually have handles for you to grab onto.
  8. One needs to bring potable water out on board as when you are paddling on the ocean, your dog might develop a thirst and try to drink the saltwater. Ingesting this saltwater can cause further dehydration and other health issues.

Always remember that patience is key in this activity as not all dogs were born for this ride. If it isn’t going as planned, don’t try to force it as getting frustrated will make the experience unpleasant for the both of you. And don’t forget to have fun! You are out on the water with your furry friend and the aim should be that it is going to be an awesome day on the water, irrespective of what happens.

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