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Ocean Paddle Boarding

Ocean Paddle Boarding

 Ocean paddle boarding is a fun and leisure form of surfing where the rider or paddleboarder uses their arms or a paddle to move through the waves of the ocean, creating motion. This can be done while lying, kneeling, or standing usually in the open ocean.


 Equipment required for Paddle boarding

The equipment generally needed for paddle boarding is few. They are:



These are mostly made out of fiberglass, carbon fiber, or epoxy and are built to be heavier and bulky, for maximum stability for the user. Paddleboards are made in different sizes and shapes, to better suit the needs of a beginner or professional.



This can be made from carbon, wood, or fiberglass and it is most advisable for the paddle to be at least 6-10 inches longer than your height.


Personal Floatation Device

To fully enjoy the entertaining and adventurous nature of paddle boarding, you should follow and observe safety measures by putting on a floatation device or life jacket while engaging in this sport, always. 


Tips for Ocean Paddle boarding


  • Check the tides and currents; especially for beginners, it is advisable to ask when looking for a spot to paddleboard. (As low tides can produce bigger waves which can make things a little difficult).
  • Find the best point for entry; ensure to choose an area away from surfers, swimmers, or other people paddle boarding to avoid any form of collision. Also, pick an area far from rocks or other hard objects.
  • To keep and maintain proper balance, bend your knees.
  • Ensure to keep your feet shoulder-width apart and also in a parallel direction.
  • Hold the paddle with both hands; one on the handle and the other on the shaft.
  • Beginners should ensure to choose calm waters, especially if they plan to practice stand-up paddle boarding. Start from a kneeling position, then slowly stand up while maintaining balance.


Benefits of Ocean Paddle boarding


  1. Awesome Cardio Workout

Though paddle boarding may seem easy from an observer’s point of view, it can be an intense workout if you decide to find ways to amplify it, like racing with friends. This will get your blood circulation speeding up as well as increasing your heart rate, building up your cardio, reducing your chances of stroke, diabetes, heart attacks, joint issues, and stroke.


  1. Good for working your entire body

Because of how engaging this sport is, maintaining balance in an upright position on an unstable surface. Your entire muscles are continuously tasked to keep you balanced and onboard.


  1. Low impact exercise

This sport is safe and does not strain or cause injury to ligaments and tendons, as all that is required is just maintaining balance while paddling.


  1. Good for reducing stress

In the course of engaging in everyday activities, it is expected that we face stress. Paddle boarding is great for distressing; especially with the calming effect water has on the mind.


Ocean Paddle boarding is an all-around fun and adventurous activity to engage in with friends and loved ones, keeps the mind and body engaged. It promotes good health and a relaxing environment for mental relief, fresh air, and a boost in levels of vitamin D from the sun (as long as you do not forget to apply sunscreen). So if you want to reap these benefits or at least challenge yourself a little when next you’re at the beach, this is a perfect activity to try out.