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SUP Camping: otherwise known as Expedition SUP, is a combination of stand-up paddle boarding and backpacking. To many SUPers, strapping a shelter, food, and an extra set of clothes on their SUP and paddling into unknown places sounds like a fabulous idea.

SUP camping has a strong following in places like Greece, Croatia, and North America owing to access to countless glacial lakes and jewel-like coastlines where one can paddle from island to island discovering secret beaches and hidden coves.

Moreover, setting up a paddleboard for an overnight trip is simple as there are lots of places that are ready and waiting to be explored.

An iSUP is the most preferred choice of a Paddle Board for an overnight trip owing to them being relatively lightweight, the ease of transporting them; as they can be deflated and folded/rolled up. It is also more comfortable and for some SUPers; seconds as a bed whilst onboard.

Though seen as simple, iSUP Camping requires a good deal of decision-making when planning on the trip and packing for it. Here are a few tips on overnight camping with iSUP

  1. It is vital to decide on where you want to go beforehand. Most SUPers are advised to choose a route that is within their paddling ability.
  2. It is also important to check the weather, water level/conditions, and plan around any other obstacles when deciding on a location.
  3. Choosing a campsite is also essential, hence the need to find a good map that shows the kind of public lands one can camp on, or rather you can find an established campground as your destination.
  4. Deciding on the right inflatable board is undoubtedly significant as a Medium size board with a length of 10-12 ft is your best bet for most iSUP camping, unless you’re doing a long multi-day expedition where a Long iSUP with length 12’6 to 14ft comes in handy for its fast paddling and long-distance touring capacity.


Packing for an iSUP overnight trip should be a detailed procedure and it's advisable for SUPers to even have a checklist. Despite this, it is always recommended for one to pack as light as possible because the more you pile on your board the harder you’ll have to work to paddle it to your destination.

When packing, getting your dry bags in place is a no-brainer; SUPers could even get up to 2 large 65L dry bags to hold the bulk of your gear, then a small 4L dry bag for their quick-access and emergency supplies as well as Straps to secure bags to boards.

A well-organized iSUP camping Gear should contain a Two-person tent, 2 sleeping bags, sleeping pads, camp pillows, solar camp lights, and a headlamp (water-resistant), Tools like a board patch kit, survival kit, first aid kits, then cooking utensils like an ultra-lite stove, basic camp dishes (pot, bowls, mugs, cutlery), biodegradable soap, Food items and snacks, water bottles, towels, toiletries, bug repellants, warm socks and a change of clothes for camp as well as a Map or GPS for navigation.

It is always beneficial to pack Water-appropriate shoes, a Swimsuit – or if you’re in cold water, a wetsuit is then preferred, Quick dry clothes, Long sleeves for sun protection, a Hat, Sunglasses, and sunscreen as well as a Personal flotation device (PFD).


Overnight iSup trip is usually seen as a dreamy sort of night out and with these little preparations, you'll soon embark on your tourney. It will be more enjoyable if you keep it short and don’t push your limits on your first trip. Choose an area/water body you are familiar with and do a test-run with your gear, but most of all – have fun!